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Years ago, in a town nestled in the mountains of Columbia, South America, a man named Carlos Valencia dreamed of a successful business to share with his family.  In that town, core societal values were hard work, service and family.  With those values strongly in place, he knew his own family would be a great way to start a business; their shared values and vested interest in the company's growth would create success.  And so, he and his sons became licensed and gained experience.  Carlos Valencia witnessed first-hand why family-run companies do consistently well with customers, and, how it directly impacts company growth.

Years later, the Valencia family moved to Chicago to include and train extended family members for commercial electric, industrial electric, and residential electric work.  After 11 years in the United States, Caval Electric (named after Carlos Valencia Senior and Junior) continues their family business with more success than ever.  "Without the turnover I see in other companies, I can carefully train and control the quality of our product.  After schooling and licensure, I continue to refine and educate so I know my customers always get the highest quality."

- Carlos Valencia, Founder, Caval Electric


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